HowTo: Eat a Human

Eat a Human

Every once in a while, we highlight a questionable Faux-To on WonderHowTo. For example, tested false by Mythbusters and others, the tennis ball car break-in method appears to be completely debunk (even though Russell Crow pulls it off in his latest film, "The Next Three Days").   

However, in the case of cannibalism, there's no debate about it. No question: this is a Faux-To.

Please, DO NOT attempt to eat a human, not matter how clear these instructions are. But, in the event of the apocalypse, now you know: eating the brain will make you go crazy, and the buttocks make a good Sunday roast.

Click through to io9 for enlarged viewing.

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HowTo: Eat a Human

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HowTo: Eat a Human


OMG that is sick !

Great information! I'm printing out the diagrams to add to my Apocalypse survival box!

maybe a doctor cant help you

Awesome! Hannibal-style. Now... do you remove the bile inside the gallbladder, or keep it in while baking?

go see a doctor

Always wonder which part will taste the best, should I had to eat human flesh,
Thanks but no thanks (maybe some spare ribs.) He- He !

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