How To: Barbecue & smoke pork ribs

Barbecue & smoke pork ribs

First trim the pork ribs. Then remove the rib membrane so that you get a softer rib. Now we are ready to go. Use some all purpose rub and apply that all over the rib. Apply this on from and back.

Put that in the oven in the 250°C heat. Now this will take some time. After two hours you will see them change color to what you want. After a full 3 hours you will get the color you will need.

Now the second step. Apply some apple fruit juice on top and wrap the rib with aluminum foil. Cook this again in 250 in the oven for another 1.5 hours. Apply some sauce on then, and heat it again for 30 minutes. Now you are done. The ribs are ready to serve. You can impress your friends and spouse with this tasty dish.

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