How To: Cook a Fall Apart, Tender Pork Roast in Your RV

Cook a Fall Apart, Tender Pork Roast in Your RV

Evy demonstrates how to make a fall apart tender pork roast in the crack pot, in this video. The main ingredient is a pork butt weighing 4 pounds. Pork butt, as she points out is actually the shoulder piece. Also needed are,1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce,3/4 cup of light brown sugar and 1/2 cup apple juice .To start cooking ,put the pork into the pot and pour the sauce over the top of the meat and coat the entire piece. Now create a crust on the meat using the brown sugar by applying it all over. Last ingredient to be added is the apple juice which she advises not to pour over the meat because that will wash away the brown sugar crust. Instead pour the juice around the edges of the pot so that it gets down to the bottom. Put the lid on the crack pot. Turn the flame to a high and cook for one hour, then turn it to a low and cook again for four more hours. Once done your pork roast will be fall apart tender and delicious and ready to be served.

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