How To: Make a sun-dried tomato pesto stuffed pork roast

Make a sun-dried tomato pesto stuffed pork roast

This sun dried tomato pesto-stuffed pork roast is ready for the oven in ten minutes. Follow along and learn how to make this pork recipe. This cooking how-to video is part of Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller show hosted by Robin Miller. Busy people everywhere face the same dilemma, how to get healthy weeknight dinners on the table when you've only got minutes to spare. Cookbook author, nutritionist and food journalist Robin Miller guides you through the landmines of getting food on the table nightly with her stress-free meal planning strategies. Her easy, day by day plans help even the novice cook master these quick and tasty recipes. Plus, each week's menu comes with its own shopping list so you only have to hit the store once. Problem solved make sun dried tomato pesto stuffed pork roast.

* Cooking spray
* 2 1/2 pounds pork tenderloin
* 1 cup prepared sun-dried tomato pesto
* Salt and ground black pepper
* 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
* 2 tablespoons prepared honey mustard
* 2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme leaves
* 2 cups quick-cooking rice, prepared according to package directions

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Coat a shallow roasting pan with cooking spray.

Using a sharp knife, cut pork lengthwise 3/4 of the way through. Place in a prepared pan and spread sun-dried tomato pesto in the incision. Fold pork back in half and use a metal or wooden skewer to close the seam. Season with salt and black pepper.

In a small bowl, combine vinegar, honey mustard and thyme. Spoon mixture over pork.

Roast 45 minutes, until an instant-read thermometer reads 155 degrees F (pork may still be pink in the center and that's O.K.).

Let pork rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing crosswise into 1-inch thick slices. Serve about 1/2 of the pork with 2 cups rice. Reserve remaining rice and pork for additional meals.

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