How To: Stir Fry Beef with Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay

Stir Fry Beef with Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay

In this how-to video, Gordon Ramsay will show you how to make a good beef stir fry. It is important to use good beef.

Take the knife and cut with the grain. Now, cut strips from these pieces. Place them into the bowl and add salt and pepper. Do not add too much salt. Add a teaspoon of sesame seed oil and a table spoon of groundnut (aka peanut) oil. Add crushed garlic, and grated ginger to the bowl. Get your hands in there and massage the beef.

Now, place the wok on to the stove. Get the wok really hot. Add the oil into the wok and swirl it around. Once it smokes, place the beef into the wok. It will start sizzling, so spread the beef around. Cook it for about 90 seconds. Push it away and pull it back. Do not leave the wok off the stove for too long. Once it is done, place it into a colander to drain the oil. Now your beef is done.

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