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News: Tucson Restaurant Serves African Lion Tacos for $8.75 a Pop

Much to the chagrin of the National Wildlife Humane Society (and a long list of others), Tuscon restaurant, Boca Tacos y Tequila, will be serving African lion beginning February 16th. For $8.75, patrons can sample the second most deadly animal in the world in a taco. The Mexican restaurant specializes in exotic game; other menu selections include python, alligator, elk, kangaroo, rattlesnake, and turtle. However, the latest addition has caught restaurant owner Bryan Mazon a lot of flack.

UPDATE: The Secret Behind Why McDonald's Hamburgers Won't Rot

For some reason, McDonald's hamburgers are mysteriously unsusceptible to Mother Nature's inevitable toll of decomposition. Yep, you pretty much have to dip a McDonald's cheeseburger in acid if you want it to decompose. So we're left with the question: Why? Why does a McDonald's hamburger retain its original shape, color and texture after 12 years?

News: This Cow Tongue Looks Delicious

Here's another jewel from Serious Eats series, The Nasty Bits: yummy cow tongue, complete with that lovely texture we all know so well. Though most us likely have a negative visceral reaction to the idea of tongue, Serious Eats make a compelling argument that it is actually one of the tastiest bits of the animal.

Yummy: Mutilated Hands...Edible

Ew. If you can stomach it, if you can even imagine yourself eating it, Not Martha (they really live up to their name with this one... this is definitely not a Martha Stewart project) has posted a tutorial on making a "Meat Hand".

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