Apocalyptic Cooking Shows: Furious Fishdicks & a Black Metal Vegan

Furious Fishdicks & a Black Metal Vegan

Is Epic Meal Time a little too bro for you? If you're looking for something more extreme, with a hint of violence, headache-inducing screams, and endless rage, you have a couple options...

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

Between the Swenglish and extreme screaming, see if you can follow along and make any of the dishes in the gallery below. Hosted by a very angry Swede named Niclas Lundberg, Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time offers a plethora of uh, appetizing dishes—from Furious Fishdicks to Satanic Salad (my personal favorite) to Catastrophic Crayfish & many more:

(1) Meatball Massacre, (2) Grotesque Grill Get Together —skip to 2:00 in, (3) Furious Fishdicks, (4) Satanic Salad, (5) Catastrophic Crayfish, (6) Sidepork Pandemonium

Vegan Black Metal Chef

Brian Manowitz (aka the Vegan Black Metal Chef) is a bit more serious about the actual cooking part—you can find rough recipes/ingredients on his blog and YouTube video pages. He also offers subtitles, since the black metal is indeed blaring—music composed and performed by none other than the Vegan Black Metal chef himself. In the gallery below, Pad Thai, Tempura Asparagus Sushi & more:

(1) Pad Thai, (2) Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages , (3) Tempura Asparagus Sushi

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Ha, that guy playing with the knife in video two (swedish meal time) is hilarious...

The meat scene in the swedish video is incredible

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