News: Hunt and saute squirrel with Mom

Hunt and saute squirrel with Mom

What better way to celebrate the crisp fall air than by shooting some lunch in the backyard? Just mother and son.

Ok. Ok. The mom in the video is not Sarah. Mea culpa.

This backwoods cooking show is authentic Americana. Mom accompanies her young son into the woods to hunt lunch, squirrel to be precise. She then finishes up with a caring Martha Stewart-style recipe.

Before you chase squirrel, know that the EPA issued a warning to northern New Jersey residents: "children should not eat squirrel more than once a month, pregnant women no more than twice per month, and adults not more than twice per week." CBS

Twice a week!!!

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Photo courtesy of BumpShack
Hunt squirrel and make sandwiches


Just a heart-beat away...

... well... and an election :)

eating squirrel is not that exotic as food goes. If you are from a rural region, plenty have tried it. I bet in Alaska, sarah's kin folk have sampled it. The meat is fine. When I tried it 3 years ago, the danger at the time was not to eat the brains because New England squirrels were carrying a disease there.

How would someone accidentally eat the brains of any animal? Just seems like head-meat is generally discarded...

not to be racist, but the japanese soldiers thru wwII were notorious for devouring any type of brain, including dog and cat.

cheeks are the tastiest bits. if you get carried away, sometimes a bit of the meninges just slips in.

Stranger things have been in your mouth though, Bryan.


p.s. Canadian hunter.

good video

do they call it something special? venison= deer; foie gras= duck live; headcheese = calf brain loaf

might make it easier to market

when she plops it on the plate all hairless and ready to fry it kind of looks like tongue. or penis.

LOL Penis? When was the last time you saw a penis with legs. LOL....

Just look in the White House. Theres a Penis with legs.

I wish my daughter would hunt and cook like that!

origonally found on. how to redneck

lol! why judge might be good. i would really like to try gator

YUK!!! Freakin' redneck freaks!!!


interesting...let's do it!

#$%@ing redneck yankee retards, i hope you choke and die bitch!! go #$%@ your #$%@!+ son!

if your not american you dont count or canadian she might be cdn i prefer beaver.

You eat four legged animals and or two legged animals? so whats the diffence? I am a yankee and I live in the south

a southern yankee?

I was raised in South West Michigan,and Northwest Indiana. I have hunted since I was 3 with my Dad, and have been eating squirrels since then, though I don't get to hunt very often anymore, and I dont kill squirrels anymore after having one for a pet for a couple of years. I am a picky eater - especially when it comes to meat. Believe me - fried Squirrel is fantastic. To me it does taste a lot like chicken, but all the meat is white meat like breast. Really good stuff. Try it.

Is this for real? If it is, it is the most disgusting, disturbing view into the minds and souls of some Americans.

I guess eating squirrels might sound unusual now a days but if you ask me far too little meat.


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