How To: Make barbecue championship ribs

Make barbecue championship ribs

Skip Steele and Terry Black of the award winning Super Smokers BBQ Team share their method for making championship barbecue ribs.

Starting with a large slab of ribs, they apply a dry rub, which is a blend of spices. They explain that the resins in the spices combine with the meat juices to produce the flavor in the meat. The spices are applied evenly all over the meat. The key thing to remember is not to rub the spices around, just sprinkle them on.

They seal in the spices by piling light brown sugar all over the ribs, followed by another light dusting of the spices on top of the sugar.

The ribs will be on the barbecue for about four hours, during which time they are basted every hour with a special sauce. They give suggestions for the sauce, as well as the best woods to use for smoking.

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