How To: Cook rib eye steaks on a charcoal barbecue grill

Cook rib eye steaks on a charcoal barbecue grill

Watch these grillmasters barbecue & cook rib eye steaks. You will need ribeye steaks, large sweet onion, diced celery, scallion, garlic glove, butter/margarine, salt and pepper. Rib eyes are also known a Delmonico steaks and in Australia known as Scotch fillet. This is one of the most tender and juiciest steaks.

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-using lighter fluid to start your charcoal will give a bad taste to what your cook, as the lighter fluid (pretty much gas) burning off will give off vapors.

-the choice of using briquettes over lump charcoal is also questionable

-using any object that pierces the stake will allow it to dry out. Use tongs, or a flipper.

Very good video, am going to have to try the scallion, garlic, butter thing. Wow that looks tasty.

Looks good but not healthy

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