How To: Make perfect BBQ ribs for summer with John Kass

Make perfect BBQ ribs for summer with John Kass

John Kass from the Chicago Tribune and Gary Wiviott, author of Low & Slow, demonstrate how to make perfect ribs. The first step is to run them under cool water and rinse them with cider vinegar to clean them off. Second, coat them with mustard. This holds the rub on the rib. By holding the rub on, you will get more bark (the spicy, smokey, crusty exterior) on your rib. Gary's rub is a mix of 7 different toasted Mexican peppers, paprika, salt, black pepper. Make sure to place a good layer of rub on them. Use a standard Weber kettle. To start the fire, place three or four circle made of broad sheets of newspaper in a chimney starter. Then fill the top of the chimney starter with charcoal. Light the paper at the bottom. Do not use lighter fluid or briquets because you will ruin the flavor of the meat. Place a drip pan and a small amount of charcoal in the bottom of the Weber. The grill on the Weber should have hinged grates. Dump the heated charcoal from the chimney into the Weber. Place a pan of water on the grill to deflect the heat and to ensure the temperature is low and slow. Put the thicker end of the ribs toward the heat source. Lid the Weber and place the full open vent over the meat. After about 45 minutes, check the temperature and flip and rotate the ribs. Recover and close your vents to about half. Flip and rotate again. Squirt on a wash of olive oil, cranberry juice, and rub with about 45 minutes left to go. You can tell they are ready when there is a little flex to the ribs. They are now ready for you to enjoy.

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