How To: Cook steaks and hamburgers on the grill with Lowe's

Cook steaks and hamburgers on the grill with Lowe's

You need the following materials to grill your hamburgers and steaks: Grill, coals, fire source (matches, lighter), grilling utensils (spatula, tongs, fork), meat thermometer, apron for the cook. When grilling hamburgers, use 4-8 ounces of meat. Make the patties about a half inch thick. Cook the patty for four minutes on one side and three minutes on the second side. Cook the hamburger to your liking. Opening the vents on the top of the grill will make it hotter inside. Place the buns on the grill to warm. Steaks: Apply garlic, oil, salt and pepper to the steak. Cook three-four minutes on one side and two minutes on the opposite side. Flip the steak with the tongs to keep in all the juices.

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