News: Eat 43 hotdogs in 10 minutes - and not puke

Eat 43 hotdogs in 10 minutes - and not puke

Speed Eater Joey Chestnut beat six-time reigning world record holder Takeru Kobayashi, eating 66 hotdogs in only 12 minutes in July 2007.

How can we not admire his repulsive skills?

In this Time Magazine video, he dishes secrets on HowTo speed-eat.

Basically, it takes rhythm and lots of water.

Joey got his start where most binge consumption occurs - college. To prepare for competition he fasts. Next, he gorges on milk and water to stretch his stomach. He also holds records in grilled cheese and deep-fried asparagus eating.

The International Federation of Competitive Eating governs a multiplicity of contests.

Here are some other important eating world records: Eric Booker - 9.5lbs of peas in 12 minutesTimothy Janus - 10.5lbs of Ramen in 8 minutes (to win a Wii)Oleg Zhornitskiy - 128oz of mayonnaise in 8 minutes Sonya Thomas - 44 Maine lobsters in 12 minutes

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Cover photo courtesy of The Daily Mail.
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