How To: Select and slow roast pulled pork for your bbq

Select and slow roast pulled pork for your bbq

If you're the designated cook, outdoor BBQs should be fun, not time consuming and tedious. But this is what often happens when you're trying to barbacue beef, pork, or chicken and need to make sure each gets its marinade, the right coal or wood chips, and gets cooked long enough.

Simplify your grilling by checking out this food video. You'll learn how to purchase a great cut of pork, how to slow roast it, and how to prepare pulled pork drizzled with just a bit of its own sauces for extra moisture.

This week, Shea Hess dives into slow cooking and homemade barbecue. Focusing on pork shoulder, she talks to local butcher Sara Bigelow from The Meat Hook about where to source the meat and tips for purchasing the proper amount. Then she travels to barbecue restaurant Fette Sau in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a chat with owner Joe Carroll to learn his tips on slow-cooking pork shoulder and other meats at home. Finally she takes you into the kitchen for a pork shoulder slow roast that's easy enough for any home cook to tackle.

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