How To: Cold smoke two different varieties of sausage

Cold smoke two different varieties of sausage

In order to make two different varieties of cold smoke sausage, you will need the following: pork butts, a grinder, a mixer, a scale, scissors, hog ring, cooking string, non-iodized salt, rubbed sage, crushed red pepper, course black pepper, and casings. Grind the pork butts. You will need to weigh your meat, in order to determine the right amount of spices needed for the sausage. Make loops with the strings. Combine your spices. Mix the meat and spices in the mixer. You should sample the sausage to make sure that it isn't too salty. Place it in the casings with your stuffer. Pack it down in the casing. Twist it. Tie it off. Refrigerate it until you smoke it. Hang it in the smoker with hickory shavings. One variety should contain black pepper, salt, and sage. The other should have red pepper, course black pepper, sage, and salt.

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