How To: Cook kussa, Lebanese zuccini stuffed with ground beef

Cook kussa, Lebanese zuccini stuffed with ground beef

This video shows how to make a Lebanese dish, Kussa Mahshi, or Stuffed Zucchini. The ingredients used are zucchini, rice, ground beef, allspice, black pepper, cinnamon, chopped onion, tomato paste, oil and pine nuts.

Hollow out the zucchini by cutting off the stem end, then scoop out the insides using a curved knife or a potato peeler.
To make the stuffing, combine the cooked ground beef and rice with the spices and pine nuts. Fill the zucchini about halfway with this mixture.

Make a sauce with tomato paste, water, salt and some onions that have been browned in oil. Place the zucchini in the boiling sauce and let it cook until it's done. Serve it with the sauce on the side.

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