How To: Grill a lamb shoulder chop with fresh mint jelly

Grill a lamb shoulder chop with fresh mint jelly

This video is about how to grill a lamb shoulder chop with fresh mint jelly. The first thing that you will have to do is to crush the garlic. After crushing, take a couple of rosemary and just gently pound it. After pounding the rosemary, the next step that you will have to do is to sprinkle some black pepper on the lamb shoulder on both sides. After sprinkling some black pepper, place the lamb shoulder with the rosemary and garlic in a zip-lock plastic and add two tablespoons of pomegranate juice. Mix it all well in the plastic and wait for about an hour. While waiting for the time, make the mint jelly. Place 1/2 orange marmalade in the pan and a tablespoon of white vinegar as well. After wards, heat the ingredients and place it in a bowl with the strainer. After placing it in a bowl, place some red pepper and mix well. The next step is to get a bunch of fresh mint and slice thinly. Place the mint in the bowl with the jelly and mix it. The next step is to take out the lamb shoulder and sprinkle some salt. After sprinkling, start grilling the lamb shoulder for about 5 minutes on each side. After grilling, place the mint jelly in any way you prefer and your lamb shoulder is ready to be served!

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