How To: Make a brisket with Myron Mixon's "hot & fast" method

Make a brisket with Myron Mixon's "hot & fast" method

Use Myron Mixon's "hot and fast" method outlined in this tutorial to learn how to make brisket. You will need Rocky Richmond's all-purpose rub and a piece of brisket. Pat down the rub ensuring that it sticks to the meat properly and be liberal when you put the rub on it. Then, apply mustard to your meat, which adds extra flavor and makes sure the rub adheres. Make sure to rub the mustard in. Then, reapply another coating of the rub. Do this same thing with the other side of the brisket. After that, place the brisket into the refrigerator overnight. After 24 hours, inject the brisket with a mixture of all-purpose rub and Dr Pepper soda. Place the brisket on the grill, pouring any excess sauce on top. Let the meat cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours before flipping the meat and letting it cook on the fat side.

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