How To: Make Filipino pancit palabok

Make Filipino pancit palabok

An introduction to a popular and delicious Filipino saucy pork and rice noodle dish demonstrated by a friendly authentic chef. For the more experienced and adventurous cook who is curious about Filipino cuisine. This video might be best viewed with a print out of the recipe at hand since it will help identify the exotic ingredients shown such as annatto and shrimp cake. At the beginning each ingredient is introduced so that the home chef may gather everything required and follow along. Clear, well paced and peppered with just the right amount of English phrases, this video merits watching several times. The viewer also comes away equipped with the correct pronunciation of unfamiliar ingredients in case she or he visits an ethnic shop to purchase items for this dish or for other delicious recipes which may be found on the website: Link. A must see for anyone wanting to expand his or her knowledge of mouthwatering Filipino cuisine.

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