How To: Make homemade pot roast, using fresh ingredients

Make homemade pot roast, using fresh ingredients

This video will show you how to prepare a Homemade Pot Roast. For this recipe, you will need: mushrooms, onions, zucchini, Brussels sprouts, oven roast bags, potatoes, carrots, wine, garlic, 1 can stewed tomatoes, McCormick Pot Roast in a Bag seasoning packet, and a pot roast. Chop all of the vegetables and set them aside. Place the pot roast in the bottom of the bag. Top with vegetables. Put the bag on your broiler pan. Add a can of stewed tomatoes. Add wine. Add 3 garlic (whole) and seasoning packet. Close the bag with a clip. Bake in the oven 2-2 ½ hours. Serve.

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