How To: Make hot dog flavored sausage rolls

Make hot dog flavored sausage rolls

David, the one pot chef, shows us how to make a hot dog flavored sausage rolls. Firstly, the sausages are browned up using a frying pan but not totally cooked though. They will be later cooked in the oven. To make things easy, puff pastry is taken and is made to defrost and is cut it into two even pieces. Then, the sausages are taken and are lined up on the pastry and can be chopped off if it goes over the edge. Then on the next line you add a little bit of tomato sauce along with the mustard which is then mixed using the backside of the spoon. And make sure you leave an inch gap so that while rolling up it will sew over. And then add a little bit of grated cheese and roll it over and later they are cut into number of pieces. Then it is placed on the tray and leave the sealed end at the bottom while placing it. Then the egg yolk which is stored in the cup is brushed on the top so that after cooking it will end up in a golden color. After this is done place it in the oven for about 15 minutes for 180 degree Celsius and is taken out. If you are a vegetarian then you can do an alternative recipe where instead of sausages you can use a packet of frozen spinach mixed with cheese.

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