How To: MAke Pakistani shaljam or turnip gosht

MAke Pakistani shaljam or turnip gosht

This video explains the method of preparing the Pakistani shaljam or another name called turnip gosht. The main ingredients of this item are 3 or 4 turnip, 500grams of mutton, one medium size of tomato chopped and one onion chopped, ginger garlic paste, one spoon of sugar to add at the end, take a spoon of tamarind powder, garam masala, chilly and coriander powder and some oil and salt. Take some era also take a pot boil it and pour some oil onto it. Put the era and garam masala powder onto it. Onto the hot mix put the chopped onion and mix it with a spoon. When it become golden brown color put the spice powders like chilly, coriander etc into it and mix it well, then put tomato and after sometimes put the mutton pieces into it. Boil it for 10 or 15 minutes. When it becomes gravy loses it and cut the turnip into small pieces and don't forget to put salt onto the gravy. Put the pieces of turnip into the gravy and mix it well. After sometimes when it is boiled add some coriander leaves and mix it well and put off the flame. Now the turnip gosht is ready and move it to a serving plat.

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