How To: Make pork pot stickers from leftover pulled pork

Make pork pot stickers from leftover pulled pork

This video shows how to make a recipe for pork potstickers. This recipe utilizes leftover pulled pork which is not made during the video. Some of the pulled pork is placed into a large mixing bowl. Next a table spoon of minced garlic is added to the bowl followed by a pinch of salt and ground black pepper. Afterwards, thinly sliced scallions as well as chopped cilantro are added to the mixing bowl. The mixture is then thoroughly mixed to combine and distribute all of the ingredients; this mixture will serve as the filling for the potstickers. Next some of the mixture is spooned into a round wanton wrapper. The wanton wrapper is then wetted with a brush that has been dipped in water and the wrapper is closed. Next, the edge of the potsticker is crimped to ensure a tight seal. Afterwards, oil is added to a frying pan and allowed to reach the proper temperature. The potstickers are then cooked for 3 minutes on each side and removed from the eat to finish the dish.

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