How To: Make savory pork pie

Make savory pork pie

Though this dish doesn't look very pretty, it does pack a lot of flavor in the ground pork and onions. Once you make the dough, the rest of it is as easy as, well, pie. This dish is the perfect comfort food for a cold day or just any day when you need a simple, soothing dish.

In this family recipe, pork gets slow-cooked with onions and then baked in homemade pie crust. Once you master the art of making your own crust, the rest is easy. Served warm or at room temperature, this golden brown pie is meant to be shared family-style. It's perfect come the holidays or a simple Sunday supper. Watch the video, get the recipe, serve and enjoy!

Make savory pork pie

Make savory pork pie Click through to watch this video on

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