How To: Make SoGoGi JangJoRim (boiled beef and quail eggs)

Make SoGoGi JangJoRim (boiled beef and quail eggs)

This video teaches Korean Food cooking just like a Food Channel TV show. In this video we learn how to make SoGoGi JangJoRim or boiled beef and quail eggs. Unlike western technologies, this recipes shows how to first soak hand cut beef in water to remove blood and then to boil the meat with spicy vegetables like hot peppers, green onion, ginger and garlic. After cooking, the meat is removed and shredded while the cooking broth is saved and the veggies are discarded. The shredded meat is added back in to the broth along with eggs that have been previously boiled and peeled. After boiling a second time the eggs and beef are kept in a jar to be served at a later time.

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