How To: Make turkey burgers from scratch

Make turkey burgers from scratch

Watch this video to learn how to make some very delicious turkey burgers. Make them as a healthier alternative to your next tailgating adventure. Share them at potlucks and family gatherings. You'll be surprised at how fast they go!

3 lbs. 85/15 ground turkey
1 tbsp. marjoram
1 tbsp. garlic powder
1 tbsp. onion power
1 tbsp. No Salt Seasoning
1 tbsp. minced onions
1 tbsp. Rotisserie Seasoning
1 tbsp. Chicken Seasoning/ Poultry Seasoning
1 ½ tsp. black pepper
20 sheets Pattie paper
Hamburger press
Your favorite burger toppings
(lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.).
Set your hamburger press to the quarter pounder setting or to ¾ inch.
In a large bowl add ground turkey and all seasonings. Using your hands grind the seasonings into the turkey until everything is well incorporated.
Grab a chunk of the turkey and form a 2 to 3 inch ball in the center of your hands.
Place a sheet of the pattie paper shiny side up on the bottom half of the hamburger press. Then place the turkey ball on the center of the paper. Place another sheet of the pattie paper shiny side down on top of the turkey ball. Firmly press the hamburger press down until all sides connect.
Carefully remove newly formed turkey burger from the press. (Lightly stuff in the edges of the burgers if they have expanded pass the pattie paper. Adjust the amount of hamburger used to make the turkey balls if the turkey is coming out of the sides of the press.)
Continue making turkey burgers until all of the turkey is gone. *Should make 10 burgers.*
Cook turkey burgers like any other hamburger.
Cook until burger reaches an internal temperature of 180 degrees.
Serve with your favorite toppings and condiments.

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