How To: Pan fry sirloin steak with the BBC

Pan fry sirloin steak with the BBC

In this video, from BBCFood, Chef Barney Desmazery shows us how to pan fry a sirloin steak to medium-rare perfection. First, of course, you need some sirloin steak, about 150 grams per portion. Look for a piece of steak that has some nice marbling of fat and nice color. The pan-frying method we're using to cook this sirloin steak can be applied to any piece of meat. You'll need a dry pan. Rub a bit of oil on the steak, and then add some salt (preferably sea salt) and pepper on both sides. Next, add a splash of oil to the pan. You can tell when the pan is hot when the oil starts to separate in the pan. Now put the steak into the pan, and move it around once. You want to get it nice and brown on the underside; about 3 minutes will be perfect. Then, flip it over and cook it the same on the other side. Then, with tongs, turn the steak on to its fat side and hold it there just long enough to get color on the fat. Remove the steak from the pan and let it rest for 5 minutes before carving into it and serving it. This will be a perfectly cooked steak! And there you have it - medium rare pan-fried steak. Get more step-by-step techniques and cooking clips at, from the BBC.

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