How To: Prepare kielbasa with cabbage

Prepare kielbasa with cabbage

Kengi shows us how to make kielbasa and cabbage, in this video.Take two kielbasa susages and cut into small pieces.Take a cabbage,cut it into halves and then slice both the halves into strips.Heat a skillet and add some oil to it.Put in the sausage pieces and some sliced onions.Cook until the sausages attain a brown colour. Once the sausages are browned add the cabbages to it.Spread the cabbage slices on top of the sausage.Cover the skillet with a heavy lid, lower the heat and let it cook.Once the cabbage is cooked remove the lid.Mix the sausages and cabbage well using two wooden spoons.Season this with some salt and pepper. Next,add some diced onions and cover the pan with a lid and cook till done.Once done,remove to a plate and enjoy this delicious preparation!

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