How To: Prevent prostate cancer with healthy grilling techniques

Prevent prostate cancer with healthy grilling techniques

A nice juicy, grilled slab of meat is every man's idea of a perfect dinner. The flaming fire, the torched meat and the smell of charred delight, but barbecuing can be really unhealthy, mostly for the prostate. So, what better time to learn how to grill your meats to prostate perfection than November… um… Movember?

Join the fight against men's cancer and grow your own moustache and learn to eat healthier. Nutritionist Beth Ginsberg shows you how grilling meat can affect your prostate, and how to change your grilling habits.

1. Marinate your meat.
2. Keep the temperature low.
3. Move the meat frequently.
4. Serve sides that are not grilled.

The National Cancer Institute research shows that as much as 50% of cancer risk may be related to diet. Chef Beth Ginsberg demonstrates easy ways to eat healthy and reduce that risk.

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