How To: Roast veal with vegetables

Roast veal with vegetables

This how to video shows you how to prepare a hearty dish of roasted veal with vegetables.

For this recipe you will need:
- 3lbs. (about 1.5 KG) fillet of beef prepared by your butcher shop, tied with cooking thread
- crushed garlic
- chopped parsley
- salt, black pepper and allspice
- sliced carrots
- sliced onions
- cooking oil
- water

Wash the beef, cut slits in it. Mix the crushed garlic with the chopped parsley and stuff it in the slits you made. Fry in hot oil on all sides as this step will keep the meat moist and juicy from the inside. Add the sliced onions,carrots and spices. Finally add water and let cook for at least 1.5 hours until the liquid is half way evaporated.
Slice the fillet and put it back in the pot to keep it warm. Plate your meat and veggies and serve hot with mashed potatoes on the side.

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