How To: Slow smoke beef brisket

Slow smoke beef brisket

Beef brisket is a delightful tradition that all families will love. But, brisket can be one of the hardest things to BBQ. Check out this tutorial if you are having trouble. This recipe works very well.
The key is to keep steady even cooking temperatures for the entire length of the cooking process. This brisket is smoked at 250 degrees with some hickory and fruit wood such as cherry or apple. This brisket also has an internal temperature of 190, which means it is tender and juicy but still totally sliceable.
Keep in mind, every brisket is different and the cooking time will vary depending on the fat and connective tissue content of the meat. Cooking time may vary from 50-60 minutes per pound. Injecting the brisket will speed up the cooking time by up to an hour if you have less time.

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