How To: Make tasty SPAM recipes

Make tasty SPAM recipes

SPAM keeps indefinitely, so here are a few ways to whip up tempting delights.
You Will Need
* Eggs
* Lettuce
* A tomato
* Mustard, barbecue sauce, or spicy seasoning rub
* Nori sheets
* Rice
* Brown sugar
* Vinegar
* Diced vegetables
* Mayonnaise
* Pickle relish
* Biscuit dough
* Imagination
* Starchy sides
* Fresh fruit

Step 1
Fry SPAM slices until they're crispy. Try SPAM 'n eggs or a SPAM-L-T sandwich.

Step 2
Cut SPAM into slabs and grill like steaks. Score the surface and slather on mustard, barbeque sauce, or a spicy rub.

Pair SPAM with starchy foods like rice and potatoes to absorb some of its saltiness.

Step 3
Roll fried SPAM slices in nori sheets for SPAM sushi. Add cooked rice seasoned with brown sugar and vinegar, and diced veggies.

Step 4
Mash SPAM into a tasty bread spread. Add mayonnaise, hard-cooked eggs, and pickle relish for SPAM salad.

Step 5
Go upscale with your SPAM. Open a can, sprinkle the SPAM with brown sugar, cover it with biscuit dough, and bake.

Serve SPAM with fresh fruit to counterbalance its liberal dose of fat.

Step 6
Replace the beef in a burger with a crispy browned hunk of SPAM. Don't forget the fixings.

Step 7
Use your imagination! Remember – with SPAM there are no limits.

Fact: More SPAM is consumed in Hawaii than in any other state, nearly 7 million cans per year.

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