How To: Cook beef tenderloin with Paula Deen for the holidays

Cook beef tenderloin with Paula Deen for the holidays

The secret to Paula Deen's famous beef tenderloin dish? Bacon grease. Now that the holiday season is in full swing, don't you dare feel guilty about indulging a little...or adding a pound of lard to deep fry your next turkey.

If you want to prepare a holiday dish your friends and family will remember and request year after year, check out this video to learn how to make a beef tenderloin with Paula Deen.

Congeal bacon fat and rub it all over the Tenderloin. Just a little bit to add some flavor and fat to the meat. It tastes so good!

Whatever main dish you are cookin', be sure to watch that oven so you don't burn the dish. Overcooking meat and poultry is a very easy thing to do, and no one likes a dried out dish.

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