How To: Cook pig's head

Cook pig's head

Chris Cosentino, executive chef of Incanto and founder of Boccalone, loves to use cuts of offal in his cuisine. Here, Chris uses a razor, a blowtorch, and a carving knife to butcher a whole pig's head, which he uses to make porchetta di testa (a salami made from the meat and skin from a pig's head). Squeamish viewers beware: It gets graphic.

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utterly disgusting! Anytime I can see what meat used to be it just leaves me bewildered how anybody could continue to process the cut without so much as a mention of the being that it used to be.

I wonder if any animal in the wild thinks like you do, or if ancient man thought like that?

I dont believe animals give it much thought given the fact that they don't have to prepair, cook, season or in anyway modify the warm carcass they slaughtered with their own teeth and claws. As for ancient man I don't believe he is much diffrent then modern man in that if he was designed for the capture and slaughter of animals for food then he would have the natural tools to not only catch and kill his prey but to consume it as well.

I wouldn't call it disgusting.
It was very well done and looks great.
That being said it's not for me,there are much better parts of the pig IMO.

BTW:he did slap it on the head and mention "this is a pig's head"
Pay attention Hippie ;)

Ha! Ha! He also called it little piggy. But that wasn't my point Square :p

No B.C. There seems to be no fair way for a human to confront an animal that he wants to kill. Other thean a head on tackle and biting into it with our blunt teeth. ;)
But in anycase hunting seems more natural than slaughter houses and supermarkets where the meat a person eats is far detached from where consumers get it from. I would much rather suport a system that preserves a more natural balance then one which doesn't.
Except for flying! If I could fly I would! :)

i dont believe that's what siempre solo meant by "mentioning the being it used to be".

He/she should view this as simply a tutorial, but she is presenting a valid point

Well to each their own. But under the mindset of waste not want not. The possibilies of this meat dish are endless. I could imagine a Thai version of this with cilantro, garlic, lime, soy sauce and chili peppers. Yum Yum

they make sausage of pig head in vietnam... i heard it is divine!

This looks gross at first, but me being adventurous with food I think the end result looks quite tasty. I would wont to try it!

first, i'm veg.
i think it's way more admirable to celebrate/savor/use all parts of the pig versus the factory farming that mutilates the animal without any care

It doesn't look very good

I understand this video is meant to be instructional.In that aspect I believe it has served its purpose also I am aware that the pigs head is affectionately refered to as little piggy.What I believe has not been conveyed to the viewer is how utterly unnecesary it was to take the pigs head for human consumption and how very unbeautiful the results of preperation are. Meat is not Food, not for people anyway. Besides the word meat is a way of dismissing the fact that an animal was mindlessly slaughtered for profit to be processed and sold in a more appealing packagae to satisfy our debased appetites. I'm not trying to use this as a pupit for animalrights. Everyone should be completly convinced in their own beliefs. I am simply expressing my opinion. If anyone is to do what is being done in this video they should at least make the atempt to show respect to the life of the animal which was taken. The pigs head after all is not an eggplant. Thanks

the leading cause of CO3 pollution is from cows. if we don't have the hearts to care about animal rights we can at least be thoughtful about the energy wasted.

I once read, (I believe it was in Mother Earth.) that if Americans would reduce their cunsumption of beef by half that is have half as many cows walking around. It would be the equivalent of removing all gas emiting cars, buidings and power plants in the US.
We unfortunately live in a very detached and disposable society and it's gone global. Given that we live in a very unique, small, and vulnerable blue marble I don't see how much longer we can keep up with this "me culture."

if you'd shut up, half of the worlds bull #$%@ would simply disappear
there'd still be billions upon billions of pounds left, though

Oghhh! Being a vegetarian who gets his/her protein mostly from soy us much more worse for the environment than being a smart meat-eater who gets meat from sustainable sources and savors all the parts of the animal. Just think of all the forests being cut down or even burned down to clear the space for SOY FIELDS! So pathetic!

Sorry, hon. Primates are omnivores. Just see the natural diet of our closest genetic relative, the chimpanzee. Animal protein derived from meat , fish, and eggs is every bit as important to our health as fiber, calcium, and vitamins. Good luck trying to argue with science. =/

This was the complete use of the pig with out waste. I would think you would be greatful that non of this animals life was taken in vein, non has gone to waste. If meat is not for people, then why is it medically necessary for good health to consume proteins? My mother in law is a vegetarian. She gets sick so easily from lack of a quality protein intake. Yes yes I know, you can get protein from nuts, beans and other non-animalistic resources, but the quality is not as good as meat. It is hard to get the amino acids and other essential nutrients. You have to try very hard and diligent to abstain from eating meat remain in a peak health state to be able to recover from disease at an optimal rate. I would never condone abuse of any animal even animals to be slaughtered. By the way I cook for fun as a hobby, I am a Clinical Laboratoy Scientist by trade. Have you prealbumin checked the next time you have lab test to make sure you are on track with your health.

I think castagno has nothing constructive to say so he results to vulgarity. The truth hasn't changed though. We are still meat eating ourselves into oblivion!

if you expect people to stop eating meat then you should also stop eating vegetables., they may not squeal like pigs but they too have life. The point is that none of us can point fingers at others. But I really don't want to argue over this matter. I believe that the Food Chain is a natural process endowed by Mother Nature so it's really okay to eat whatever we think fit.

how yuck......

can we get this image off of the damn front page please

Oh grow up. This is the face of the bacon you fry up every morning and the ham you layer into your sandwiches for lunch. If you can't look your food in the eye, you have no business eating it. =/

I think its great that somebody is using the entire part of the animal. There is so much of these animals that go to waste, and that is more of a crime than slaughtering it in the first place.

Yumm! Pig's tongue sandwich. There's only one tongue in every pig. There can only be one.

Great instruction I wounder if I can do this with boar head.

Great recipe ideas too

This type of salami is also sometimes nicknamed "head cheese".

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