How To: Make gourmet hamburgers at home

Make gourmet hamburgers at home

This video shows how to make a gourmet hamburger. The hamburger meat is made from equal portions of beef tenderloin and beef brisket; the two cuts of meat are chopped by hand and a patty is formed afterwards. The beef patty is seasoned with salt and ground pepper. Olive oil is added to a hot frying pan and the burger is then added. The burger is then cooked slowly on each side until it is properly cooked; the chef shows a method of checking for doneness by comparing the firmness of the burger to the firmness of your hand. Next, a bun is toasted for the burger. Mayonnaise, ketchup, and Dijon mustard are all spread on the bottom of the bun. Boston lettuce, red onions, and two slices of vine-ripened are put on the top of the bun. Aged white cheddar is melted on the burger before the burger is added to the bun and completed.

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