How To: Cure pork loin with salt and smoke

Cure pork loin with salt and smoke

This video takes us through the procedure of curing pork loin with salt and smoke. First step is to submerge the meat completely in a bucket with lots of salt, fennel seeds and pepper corns. Keep it for 12 days at room temperature. After 12 days, the meat will be cured significantly with most of the liquid out. It is even edible at this stage. The next step is to hung it properly for the process of smoking. In order to do that, you have to make some incisions on the meat with a knife and using a chop stick make two holes on it, nearer to each other. Insert a thick cord through the holes and tie it properly, so that you can hang the meat for smoking. Then hang the meat in a smoker at a temperature of 175F-200F for 12 hours. After smoking you have to hang it for 17 days. Once done you get a salty but delicious meat that can be kept for months in a temperature cooler than room temperature, without any damage.

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