How To: Grill pork chops

Grill pork chops

Properly cooked pork chops are juicy and delicious, especially off the grill. Chops come from the loin and there are three cuts; the rib chop, the loin chop, and the sirloin chop.

Pick double cut chops that are 1.5 to 2 inches thick. They won't dry out, and they'll look three times as the skinny ones that mom used to make. Pork is now raised lower in fat, but with less fat, we've lost some flavor, too. Marinades, spice rubs, and brines are a fantastic way to infuse flavor into the meat.

Check out this video tutorial from Holiday Kitchen TV and Summer Kitchen TV to learn the rest about how to grill pork chops. Check out the pork grilling recipe!

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