How To: Make "drunken" grilled bone pork chops

Make "drunken" grilled bone pork chops

This is a video demonstrating how to make drunken grilled pork chops. It requires one cup of beer, 1/8 cup of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of ginger, and 1 tablespoon of packed brown sugar. The ingredients are combined in a bowl and stirred lightly with a whisk. Two large pork chops are used and are each placed in their own plastic bag. The marinade is then ladled into the bag with the pork chop. The pork chops can be left in the marinade for 4 to 24 hours. After 4 hours the chops are taken out and put on the electric grill. She reminds that the pork chops can get overcooked and then become dry. It should take in total 15-20 minutes to cook the pork chops. The chops are then finished, taking 7 minutes on each side. The meat should not be pink at all, and should be white all the way through. If you use a meat thermometer the meat should be 170 degrees at the center.

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