How To: Grill BBQ pork spare ribs

Grill BBQ pork spare ribs

To make these BBQ ribs, start by collecting the necessary ingredients which include the pork back ribs, a dry rub, a sauce and a grill. Then get your fire started and raise the temperature up to 400-500 degrees so you can clean your grill. Next, prepare your ribs by cutting them up to the right length and cover all sides of the ribs with your favorite rub. Baste the ribs and stack them on the grill, cooking them at 225 degrees. You can also add wood chips such as hickory wood chips to give your ribs a smoky wood flavor. Continue to baste your ribs every half hour while they’re on the grill. After 3-4 hours of slow cooking, your ribs should be ready. Take them off the grill and cut them into pieces. Place the ribs in a container and pour the rest of the sauce on top. You can start eating the ribs or grilling all pieces once more to brown all sides. Enjoy!

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