How To: Cook a delicious beef steak

Cook a delicious beef steak

The video shows us how to cook a delicious beef steak. First, preheat the frying pan on a highly seasoned surface with a bit of salt. Then, sear the meat at high temperature. Doing this helps in lock the juices. If you are using a marinated cut of steak, searing will also improve flavor by caramelizing the meat a golden brown. After the searing is done, reduce the temperature from high to medium/low. In this video, cooking will be done at medium, until slightly pink inside, fully cooked and warm throughout. It is recommended to use a frying pan over a BBQ due to several reasons. It is easier to cook using a frying pan with predictable and repeatable results. Using a BBQ might change the flavor of the steak too much. Most people are not aware of cooking in BBQ and meat will often end up being overcooked and dry, which is very rare in frying pan. When you see the meat juices appearing on the top, it's time to turn the steak. The steak is not very thick, hence the cooking time will be rather quick. When the steak is thick it will take time to cook and this is why it is important to turn the heat down after the searing is done. While turning you need to be extra careful and you must cut the steak off the pan and ensure that the sear doesn't tear away from the meat. During the cooking process, the cooking side shrinks a little before the steak is turned to the raw side. The shrinkage causes the cupping of the steak and, where the edges turn upward after flipping. Just poke the edges down to ensure even cooking. Don't squish the steak. You need to press hard and the edges need an extra searing. After the juices appear on the top, turn the heat off to help avoid overcooking. Rib steak goes well with different kinds of potato dishes, some nice sliced tomatoes or even fried eggs with the breakfast. With this the delicious beef steak is done and ready to serve.

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