How To: Make hamburg steak

Make hamburg steak

Cooking With Dog shows you how to make hamburg steak that's delicious.

- Finely dice an onion
- Cut off the broccoli stalk and cut the florets in one inch pieces
- Peel and chop the broccoli stalk into small cubes
- Cut a steamed potato into quarters
- Cut a tomato in half and slice into half moons
- Grate a garlic clove
- Fry the chopped onion in a little olive oil, for 2-3 minutes on a high heat
- Then reduce to a medium heat for another 3 minutes or until colored
- Remove onions from heat and allow to cool
- For the vegetable side dish, heat a little olive oil in a pan and add the broccoli and potato on high heat until browned
- Season vegetables
- Add a splash of water and cover with pan lid for 2-3 minutes
- Remove lid and place vegetables on a plate with the tomato
To make the meat mix
- Add milk to the breadcrumbs and season the meat and mix well
- Add 2/3 of the fried onion and breadcrumbs to the meat mix
- Add one egg and mix well
- Divide the mixture in half
- Once hands are clean, pour a little olive oil onto a hand and shape the meat mixture into a ball
- Remove the air by passing from one hand to the other and shape it using your hands
- Repeat until meat is all used
To cook the steak
- Heat olive oil in a pan
- Place the steaks in the pan and press in the middle to reduce the cooking time
- Turn frequently to ensure even cooking
- Once golden brown on the bottom, flip the hamburg steaks
- If there is too much oil in the pan, remove some with a paper towel
- Add measured water and cover with the lid
- Steam until the water has evaporated almost completely
- Use a fork to check that the juices run clear
- Put the hamburg steak on the plate with the vegetables
To prepare onion gravy
- Water, soy sauce and Mirin in a pan with the remaining onion and cook on medium heat
- When it starts to boil,add butter and garlic
- Pour over the steak
Other sauces work well too

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