How To: Cook cottage cheese steak with leek fondue

Cook cottage cheese steak with leek fondue

In order to prepare Cottage Cheese Steak with Leek Fondue, you will need the following ingredients: 300 grams. of cottage cheese, 20 grams. prunes, 2 tsp pine nuts, 40 grams. broccoli, 20 grams. leeks, 2 tablespoons. of butter, 2 tsp of Cajun spice, 60 grams. refined flour, 1 tsp chopped parsley, 20 grams. cheddar cheese, 1 tsp cilantro, 5 tablespoons. cooking cream, 4 tablespoons. tomato puree (canned), 6 tablespoons. oil, 2 tsp chopped garlic, 1 large onion (chopped), and salt and pepper to taste. In a bowl combine cottage cheese, cilantro, parsley, and flour. Set aside. Combine prunes and pine nuts. Make a ball out of the cottage cheese and dust it in flour, adding prunes and nuts. Now, grill it for 8-10 minutes. In a skillet, combine butter, garlic, onion, and leeks. Cook until translucent. Add cream, salt, pepper, parsley, and cheese. Set aside. In another pan, add butter, garlic, onion, tomato, seasoning, pepper, salt, and parsley. Plate the cottage cheese steaks, using fondue and both sauces.

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